Lapel Pins

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AYM depot produces Custom Lapel Pins in a variety of metals, providing a selection of different styles, sizes, and prices to meet your budget.

  • The basic pin price includes up to 6 colors on each lapel pin
  • AYM depot includes Gold Metal plating with all pins, and a black rubber clutch at no extra cost
  • You may select either Silver or Black Meta plating, if you prefer
  • You provide the design or idea for each Pin design
  • Additional colors can be selected

AYM depot has found that 1 to 1 1/4″ are the most popular sizes as Awards and Recognition lapel pins. 1 1/2″ is the most popular ‘Sports Trader’ lapel pin, and 1 3/4″ to 2″ as also becoming very common. 

Epola Cloisonne Lapel Pin Prices

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Epola Cloisonne Pin process is our best quality lapel pin. Epola Cloisonne pins are selected by our clients for their perceived value and high quality for awards and recognition. Although the Epola Cloisonne process is used by organizations and sport teams for trading pins, some clients find that because of the cost it is is more effective to use one of our other processes. Soft Enamel is another popular process used for creating awards and recognition pins.

Soft Enamel Lapel Pin Prices

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Soft Enamel Pin process is an inexpensive method to create a great pin, the enamel is covered with a thin layer of Epoxy, to protect the Enamel. Soft Enamel Pins are used for both award or recognition, and for a better quality trader pin.