Challenge Coins


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AYM depot produces Custom Challenge Coins in either Soft Enamel or Epola Cloisonne. Both the Soft Enamel and Epola Cloisonne are used as Challenge Coins. It is up to the Customer if they prefer the Epola Cloisonne or Soft Enamel. Soft Enamel Challenge Coins are highly in demand, and keep the cost lower.

  • The basic Challenge Coin price includes up to 6 colors, on each side of the coin (Colors can be different on each side)
  • You may select either Gold or Silver Metal
  • You provide the design or idea for each Challenge Coin Side
  • Coins are produced with a standard smooth edge (similar to a U.S. nickel), however a “beveled edge” (similar to a U.S. quarter) is available for just 25¢ additional per Challenge Coin
  • Challenge Coin holders are just 25¢ each
  • You may select two tone metal for an additional 10% of base price, per side
  • Additional colors can be selected

Challenge Coins can be created in any diameter. AYM depot recommends 1 1/2″ as the most popular Coin size, with 1 1/4″ and 1 3/4″ also being very common.

Soft Enamel Challenge Coin Prices

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Soft Enamel Challenge Coins are less expensive, and are covered with a thin layer of Epoxy, to protect the Enamel.

Epola Cloisonne Challenge Coin Prices

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Epola Enamel Challenge Coins are a little higher in cost, and are created with a Hard Epola Enamel Cloisonne. The quality is higher then the Soft Enamel.