Fiesta Medals

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AYM depot produces Custom Fiesta Medals, providing a selection of different styles, sizes, and prices to meet your budget.

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  • The basic Fiesta Medal price includes up to 6 colors on each Fiesta Medal, and a Fiesta Hanging Ribbon, of your choice
  • AYM depot includes Metal Plating with all Fiesta Medals at no extra cost, Gold, Silver, or Black
  • You provide the design or idea for each Fiesta Medal design
  • Additional colors can be selected for your Fiesta Medal for $0.04 per color, per medal
  • AYM depot provides a nice selection of Fiesta Medal Hanging Ribbon colors. Custom colors can be ordered, please add 2 – 5 weeks to production time. Ask for a Free quote on the cost for Custom Ribbons.
  • Standard Fiesta Medal Ribbons are included in the price
  • Ask us about, glitter, spinners, dangles and toppers for your Fiesta Medal
  • In calculating the size of your Fiesta Medal, the above sizes are based on the longest of the width or height of the metal
  • Ribbons are not included in the size calculation of the Fiesta Medal
  • Call for Free Quote on Larger quantities and sizes for Fiesta Medals
  • All Fiesta Medal orders are Delivered  direct to you, no additional cost (in the USA and Canada)
  • Die Mold for Fiesta Medal orders under 300, pieces is $50.00
  • Production is 3 weeks for Fiesta Medals
  • Best to start your Fiesta Medal design work in November and December, but no later then December 31.
  • For Fiesta Medal orders after January 1, please add one to two weeks to the production time.
  • For Fiesta Medal orders after February 1, please add two to three weeks to the production time. Delivery of orders after February 28, can not be guaranteed by April 15.
  • Fiesta Medal orders placed during the Spring, Summer, and Fall, through November 30, can receive discounts up to 20%, per the posted schedule
  • To take advantage of any discount, Fiesta Medal orders must be paid in full within two weeks of delivery

Soft Enamel Fiesta Medal Prices

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Our most popular Fiesta Medal size is 1 3/4″, larger Fiesta Medal sizes are becoming more popular and growing in demand.

Ribbons for Fiesta and Military Medals



Fiesta Medal Orders must be in production, on or before May 31st

Additional Discounts Fiesta Medals:

  • June 18% Discount for Fiesta Medals
  • July 15% Discount for Fiesta Medals
  • August 12% Discount for Fiesta Medals
  • September 10% Discount for Fiesta Medals
  • October 7% Discount for Fiesta Medals
  • November 5% Discount for Fiesta Medals

Discount applies to orders of 300 medals or more.

If capacity is exceeded, the discount period will end early, do not miss out, order early